"Metaphor creates a new reality from which the original appears to be unreal."   Wallace Stevens


How to Separate Your Soul from Your Body (in ten easy steps!)

Petra, an agoraphobic how-to blogger, begins communicating with a strange identity on the Internet, while her partner, Ramona, is being seduced by her master’s program. A metaphysical comedy about what it means to love, to learn, and to fall apart.

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The Stand-In

A contemporary adaptation of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya set in a run-down movie theater. An exploration of unrequited love, unexplored love, familial love, fealty, and myopia.

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Lights Over Philo

Carlo recently decided to move back to her microscopic hometown with her partner. Only, her partner has just decided to leave her for a feminist collective. And her brother just made parole and needs a place to stay for a while. And these mysterious lights keep appearing in the sky, which may or may not be connected to the pagan witch ceremonies Carlo is hosting in her backyard. A meditation on family, community, and other delicate ecosystems.  

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